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Ambesonne Floor Mat

This ambesonne floor mat is a beautiful addition to your bath room. It is made from high quality marble, and will make your bath area even more inviting. The mat is non-slip, so you can easily move it around if need be, and it is 29. 5 x 17. 5 inches.

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The ambesonne floor mat is a soft and cozy floor mat that will make your bath space feel like a finally home. The mat is made out of taupe and is nmltly 31. 5 x 17. It has a non-slip mat bottom and a nice fit for your nighttime peace of mind.
this ambesonne floor mat is a classical rustic bath mat that is perfect for your bathroom. This mat is 29. 5 inches and is non-slip for easy handling. The mat has a soft, warm feel to it and is perfect for your home.
this rustic bath mat is a great addition to any bathroom. It is non-slip for when you need to go straight to your bathroom, and has a 29. 5 inch size. It is also perfect for taking up space in your room, and is this mat's main feature. The mat has a nice feel to it, and is also very soft to the touch.